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We are facing an onslaught of animal cruelty in our beloved parks and green spaces. 

Thugs with catapults are injuring and killing animals on a daily basis, and they’re getting away with it.

It’s time to take action to end catapult attacks on wildlife - to urge the government to strengthen laws around the sale and carry of catapults in public, and ask local authorities to take reports of animal cruelty involving catapults seriously.


About the campaign to end catapult attacks on wildlife.

Sign the petition to make the sale of catapults and ammunition and carrying catapults in public illegal.

A template letter for sending to your local councillor or MP, urging them to support the campaign. 

What to do if you witness a catapult attack on an animal.

Why the campaign is important; first hand accounts of cruelty from rescuers & the public.

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